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Reliable Legal Help With Your DUI Case

You’re charged with DUI if you've been operating a motorized vehicle with a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or above, or under the influence of drugs. DUI is one of the leading causes of traffic accidents and has a high mortality rate. If you find yourself in this situation, contact us and I’ll help guide you through your DUI case.

Guiding You Through The DUI Process

Don’t let a DUI ruin your life. Schedule a consultation with me to get the professional help you need to deal with the legal proceedings.


Crucial information can get overlooked while you’re being booked for DUI at the police station. Our attorney will make sure that all the details are recorded for your case.


I’ll try to help you get the minimum mandatory sentence for your DUI, depending on whether it’s your first, second, or subsequent offense.


While your sentence depends on what the mandatory minimum would be, I'll work with you to explore alternatives such as entry into a diversion program if it’s your first DUI offense, depending on the qualifications.

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