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Traffic Violation

Legal services for you traffic infraction

Dependable Legal Help Through Your Traffic Violation

If you have been given a ticket and a court date for a traffic violation, don’t fret. You don’t want to risk losing your driving privileges over a traffic offense. The Law Office of Lisa A. Beran will take care of your problem for you. I'll help you find the right way out of your tricky situation.

Minor to Major Traffic Offenses

  • Speeding

  • Reckless driving

  • Revoked or suspended license

  • Loss of license

  • Minor in possession of alcohol

  • Adult DUI

  • Driving in violation of restrictions (teenager license restricted to and from school)

Has your license been suspended? It could be because of unpaid speeding tickets. I understand that you don’t want to pay unfair traffic tickets. Get prompt assistance from a knowledgeable lawyer who will help you understand the legal process.

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I'll help eliminate your confusion with traffic infraction charges.

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